New Event Webpage

Hi all,

We are pleased to announce a tournament-specific webpage for the 2022-2023 season of chess tournaments at the Hart House Chess Club. This website,, contains tournament information that we hope will improve participants’ experiences. 

At least one month before our major events, such as the Hart House Holidays, and Hart House Reading Week, this site will be updated to reflect the tournament’s entry information, policies, pre-registered, and other important event logistics.

After the event, the event’s logistics will be archived, and the next event on our calendar will replace these logistics.

Our main website,, will remain in use and will contain the same event information as on this website. However, this website will contain Standings, Pairings, Food Options, Venue, and Policies that have not traditionally been held on our previous website. 

Of course, this information will also be available in print at the tournament hall. Perhaps most important, however, is the News page, which will allow us to add posts and information regarding the tournament directly onto a webpage, thus increasing transparency and improving the tournament experience.

Today, it is a commonplace to have an event-specific website for major tournaments. As one of the leading chess clubs in the GTA, we believe this will improve the overall event experience for all.

Where the Kibitzer is King,

HHCC Executive Team 

The Hart House Chess Club

7 Hart House Circle

Toronto ON M5S 3H3