Hart House at the University of Toronto

Situated at 7 Hart House Cir, Toronto, ON M5S 3H3, Hart House opened in 1919, growing into an integral part of the University of Toronto’s cultural landscape. Nicknamed the “Castle” by many chess enthusiasts and community members alike, Hart House is a peerless institution in its history of inspiring change, provoking thought and helping to shape the University’s artistic, cultural and social tapestry and larger communities.
Moving to Hart House in 1919, the Hart House Chess Club is one of the oldest student-run university chess clubs in the world and is the oldest chess club in Canada with an uninterrupted history of 127 years since 1895.

Great Hall

The Great Hall at Hart House is the room where the majority of major chess events will occur. The expansive, beautiful, and overarching ceilings have awed many and inspired even more. Generations of famous chess players, dignitaries, and locals have played in or visited the fabled hall.  

East Common Room

The East Common Room is used by the Club for smaller internal events and the annual Ivy League Challenge. Tournaments can also be held in this room. 

Visitor Information and Accessibility: 

All information on visiting Hart House can be found on our Visitor Information and Accessibility page.